PhD Study

PhD student at Water Resource Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University (Sweden). The thesis title is Urban, pluvial flooding –
Blue-green infrastructure as a strategy for resilience

  • Supervisor: Assoc. Professor Rolf Larsson (Rolf.Larsson@tvrl.lth.se)
  • Co-Supervisor: Professor Lars Bengtsson (Lars.Bengtsson@tvrl.lth.se)
  • Date of enrolment: September 1, 2012
  • Time for disputation: September 14, 2018

Working skills

I have earlier worked as a modelling engineer in Krüger A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark) for 5 years. I worked with hydraulic modelling of sewage system, planning of sewage systems, recipients, wastewater treatment plants and flood hazard mapping. During my work in Denmark, I have followed the Danish implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive and EU Floods Directive and the discussion about climate change adaptation of Copenhagen and other cities.


  • Education: Environmental Engineering
  • Examination: Master of Science in Engineering, 2008
  • University: Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, LTH, Lund (Sweden)


As a part of my PhD position, I teach hydrology and hydraulics in 20 % of the working time. So far I have supervised more than 15 students in their master’s thesis, typically on topics related to urban flooding, blue-green infrastructure/SUDS, and hydraulic modelling.
I worked as a teacher in parallel to my engineering job at Krüger for 3 semesters, two semesters as main teacher with examination responsibility and one as assistant teacher. Course: Infrastructure 1, Sewage system. In addition, as I student I taught mathematics as a student mentor for younger students.


In my spare time, I have all my life been engaged in several organisations, most often as a leader. During my PhD study, I try to keep this to a minimum. In Copenhagen I worked in a local, environmental organisation and here I led the discussions on how our part of Copenhagen can adapt to more rainfall in the future.